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virginiacramped's Journal

CRAMPED / The Virginia Counsel Glossary
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Inside jokes and debauchery

"The right to be ridiculous is something I hold too dear." - Bono

/fruit hits us

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Email: virginiacramped@livejournal.com

Snail Mail: 55 E. 34th Street, Springfield, VA 22150

"Still haven't found what I'm looking for"

Phone: 800-BUMBLEBEES (ask for Paul Ford) or (916) CALL-TURK (concert messages only, please)

The Virginia Counsel Birthday Roster

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my pet!

OTHER INTERESTS INCLUDE: adolpho, alligators in drains, audiosex, australia, baking together, bananas, being under sinks, big noses, big ships of the navy calendars, bob barker, boyfriends-in-law, boyscout uniforms, bridges, cakes in the shape of florida, campy movies, cat macros, catorce, cbe, chloroform, chlorophyll, CoeXisT.bitches!, colin farrell, colorforms©, conquering, crowbars, crutches, cumberbunds and haberdashers, dancing barefoot, deep sea recovery efforts, disturbed signs, droomsex!, dr. seuss, drumporn, drumwolf, drunkwolf drumgum, dustmites, ear porn, elevator grab-assy, /facedave, faison tackle, fall-out shelters, family picnics, felt, foreigners, freckles, full eyes, gatorade, geeks, gesmolten kaas, getting our hump fixed, grey hairs in the cheesecake, going to hell twice for rosary theft, helmets, herring, holland tunnel, homey d. clown, hospital hide-and-seek, i tink i love heeeee!, injections, ireland, irish spring commericals, jackie chan, jewish babylings, july august september october november, just a geek, kielbasa, kittens, larry mullen jr, laughing at that, laughing when we thought you said it, lefty lust, leos, leo-scorpio, leprechauns, liberty bell, long and the short of it, "lots," magic lockets, magnolia, men on film, migratory coconuts, mmmmmmm ______, moans, m-o-n-k-e-y, mullet discussions, muppet bastards, napping in the bathroom, norweigian skool, noses in brains, obsessively checking myspace, oranges, personal bonos, petit morts, phallic fruits and vegetables, poetrrhea, possessive organ meat, potted palms, quests, running through the neighbors' sprinklers in our underwear, seldom-achieved joan of arc fantasy triple, shillelaghs, shinola, shrubberies, snails, snake dance, southpaw, straitjackets, ted geisel, the edge, the fun hell, the innate perversity of inanimate objects, the things you can buy with money, the uncle dick show, tourism, trainspotting, trees in borneo, trying the shrimp, ultrasensitives in black, uncle dick, uncle ricky, uncle willie, unwanted smells, vibes, wankers, warm apples, what the crow said, writing and singing and riding, yahweh, yarmulkes and hefty bags, young teachers

Remember kids: It ain't the plot, it's the HAWT!

/forget that sting, 1-800-bumblebees, abraham lincoln, alan alda, alan rickman, assbox 360, audrey hepburn, billy boyd, bitchslaps, bono, brandon lee, bread, burt reynolds, burundi, buttruffle underwear, canot, cary grant, charles schultz, cheese sandwiches, chris noth, cognitive dissonance, conan o'brien, confirming and denying, daniel radcliffe, david duchovny, disappearing landmarks, dominic monaghan, donald faison, donnie darko, donnie wahlberg, doogie howser, drums, dustin diamond, eddie izzard, edward norton, elephone, elijah wood, elvis presley, englebert humperdink, fachina, frackencrappinsack, french, frida kahlo, gadbers, green day, gregory peck, gum?ping!, harry potter, hawkeye pierce, henry, hey ya, housey-keeping, hugh grant, impressing linda blair, j.k. rowling, j/d, jake gyllenhaal, jason bateman, jason lee, jealous lovers, jerry o'connell, jim caviezel, jo-hordan, jo-hordan's witnesses, john cusack, john ritter, johnny depp, josh charles, kangaroo jack city, kangaroos, keanu reeves, little chickens, lord of the rings, lost in boston, m*a*s*h, macing ourselves, male pattern baldness, margaret cho, mark wahlberg, mary chapin carpenter, mattress dancing, michael j. fox, michael nesmith, michael wincott, milhouse, moist and delicious cupcakes, monty python, music, mwcs, new york, new york city, no doubt, no joe!, nrwo, nwj, orlando bloom, paul ford, peanuts, poultry, public transportation, queen, quentin tarantino, rick springfield, road trips, roche de la honte, roosters, rupert grint, saint mary of jersey, saintly bitchslaps, saints, salma hayek, satsf, schfifty-five, scooter pie, scrubs, sean astin, sean bean, severus snape, silly hats, skiing, squirrels, steve burns, sting, sumner tunnel, superman, take.a.picture.write.it.down!, the crow, the golden girls, the holy grail, the monkees, the police, the simpsons, they might be giants, tight men, tom & jerry, transitive postulate, travel, tyler florence, u2, ululating, unagi, viggo mortensen, virginia, wahlberg salute, wayne coyne, waytjm, wheat, wil wheaton, yoko ono, zach braff